The Tidewater Oil Company is one of the oldest oil companies established in the USA back in 1859, Sir Edwin Drake struck oil in the hills of Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Liquid Gold – Petroleum. In 1861 Robert Hopkins and Byron Benson formed a company called the Enterprise Oil and Lumber Company, to manufacture and distribute engine oil. The two main products introduced by them were Veedol [1913] and Tydol.

The Veedol brand has a long history of use in several of the world’s important lubricant markets. Millions of motorists around the world have at one time or another used Veedol Lubricants for their cars, minivans, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, commercial and recreational vehicles.

Veedol has secured its place in history as it was the motor oil chosen by Henry Ford to be the used in the Model “T” which was the world’s first mass-produced car. It was also the chosen one lubricant for the first airship to fly around the world, the Graf Zeppelin whose journey began from Germany. Veedol was also the chosen lubricant for the first non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the USA, in a 1931 Bellanca J-300 plane aptly named ‘Miss Veedol’.

In October 2011, Tide Water Oil acquired 100% of the shares for Veedol International Limited (VIL). VIL is registered in Glasgow, U.K. and has the global rights to a wide portfolio of registered trademarks for the master brand – Veedol – as well as its associated product sub-brands and iconic logos.

New energy and vigor is being infused into the brand with a renewed commitment to quality, service and relationships. The Veedol brand stirs feelings of nostalgia and credibility among the people around the world. Veedol will continue to flourish as ‘the professional’s choice’ and continue to grow as a leader in the lubricants market. Veedol International Limited is now working on revival and consolidation of existing markets and also to enter with great vigor into newer territories. Veedol International Limited aspires to be one of the leading lubricant brands globally.

By its commitment to manufacture using superior quality virgin base oils and top-notch additives, Veedol would grow to become the world’s finest motor oil.